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Liz M.

I started seeing Dr. Maj last year when my body started showing signs of what I thought was Sciatica. My Grandmother has it and since we had the same symptoms, I figured I would just do some stretches and I’d be good. Nope, didn’t work. My pain was getting worse and I knew I had to see someone about it. I thought about seeing my doctor but knew they’d probably just want to medicate me. That option has never been something I’ve been interested in, unless absolutely needed. Especially if there are other forms of pain relief since I have a sensitive stomach. “A Chiropractor?”, I thought. “At 25? My 60 year old father sees one but, me?” Knowing little to nothing about Chiropractic work I was hesitant. I’m usually horrible at making doctor appointments, especially when I’m new to the doctor’s office. I worry too much about the details like the financial aspects and I always end up putting off whatever is bothering me. Not this time. The pain was BAD.

If you’ve never had sciatic pain, the only way I can explain to you is it feels as though a lightening bolt of severe, sharp pain is striking down your lower back, your butt, the back of your high, your lower leg, and sometimes to the foot! Some people’s experiences differ, but mine was keeping me up at night. I was losing so much sleep I started canceling most of my daily plans. I was not a happy camper. It became constant, ice and tylenol couldn’t even put a dent in the pain. I told myself enough was enough. I gave Dr. Maj a call after looking at their website and liking what I saw. Dr. Maj’s story of how she became a chiropractor drew me in. I felt as though I was reading a friend’s story about their career. It is comforting to know her heart is as good as her credentials.

Community Chiropractor’s office is not the closest Chiropractic office to my home, not by a long shot. In fact, one day I counted at least 5 offices on the way to an appointment. But after my first visit I knew C.C. was the right office for me. Friendly, inviting, honest, trustworthy, clean, comfortable… Everything about this place felt right to me. I wish I could tell you this changed the way I feel about taking care of myself. But the only doctor I don’t put off seeing is Dr. Maj. (Take note, other doctors!).

I just had an adjustment today and I feel as though my body is floating on clouds. I can’t recommend Community Chiropractic enough. I’ve told all my friends and the only thing that’s preventing my Grandmother from seeing Dr. Maj is the fact that she lives an hour away. For my grandmother it’s a bit far, but I’d make the commute!

Now that I know more about Chiropractic, if anything with my body feels a little “off”, I see Dr. Maj first. Our bodies are amazing systems that if treated well *nudge* Dr. Maj *nudge*, can continue to commute us through a happy and healthy life. 25, 60, 90, no matter your age, your body will thank you almost as much as it will thank Dr. Maj and everyone at Community Chiropractic!

zoe G.

So I have always referred to the chiropractor as “the bone cracker.” Having never been before, I imagined their offices to be full of over sized nutcracker like machines they stick you in and presto! I have thrown my back out a couple time doing the ol’ apartment move and what have you, but it would have never crossed my mind, the thought of going to a chiropractor. I figured, “if it doesn’t hurt, it must be fine.” Now having met some of the people that work in the office with Dr. Maj, and telling them this story on my feelings about “bone crackers,” I was basically forced to come into the office. I bit fearful of what may happen, but optimistic, I went in. OMG! yes, OMG is my best response to my experience. They are AMAZING!!!!

1) you walk in the door to be happily greeted by Tory at the front desk along with their lovely air purifier that smells amazing (that is important to note as no one likes a smelly office)

2) Dr. Maj and Julie treat you like an old friend when they see you. You are not entering their office, but more their home. They both walked me through each step of our initial consultation, and explained things to me in a way that did not require a medical dictionary. I learned SO MUCH about my body that day, and it has been a life changer. While I do hate that she has informed me my love of stomach sleeping is not very back friendly, because I know she has my best interests at heart, I do my best to listen.

3) um, hello massage therapist?!?! I have had a handful of massages in my life and hated, I mean HATED everyone of them. It was always too rough and they did not listen to me or my body. Mia, their on staff massage therapist is now the only person I will be seeing for massage. She is very kind, professional and makes you feel at ease, which is not easily done when you are half naked on a table. She takes the time to really reflect on what your body is saying (who knew your body could talk!?) and asses how best to approach your needs.

While I still mark my calendar with “get your bones cracked” I know better than to say that to anyone about Community Chiropractic. They are an amazing group of people, that I will be thanking for many years to come. You will too, if you give them a try!

Debbie P.

3 years ago, I was having horrible pain shooting down my legs that prevented me from sleeping. I was also limping and it was painful to walk. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower spine. Physical therapy and pain meds helped a little, but I still had a great deal of pain. I was sent to a Pain Management center where they gave me 2 shorts of cortisone. The shots were painful and they didn’t give me any relief. Their next suggestion was to do a more intense procedure that was so painful, I’d need to be put under general anesthesia. I decided to pass. At this point I started seeing Dr. Maj. She did a very thorough examination including X-rays and other technology that provided a visual map of my back and which areas were causing problems. She redid that exam after certain intervals so that I could see progress. I loved that she uses technology to assist in diagnosing and treating her patients. She was extremely professional and told me exactly what I could expect in terms of treatment. In addition to the traditional chiropractic adjustment (very gentle, not cracking), she uses a machine called the Proadjuster that can determine and deliver the exact amount of pressure I need. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I’ve been to other chiropractors who use a similar device that delivers pressure but they didn’t have the technology to know exactly how much pressure was needed. It seemed like they were doing it almost randomly and sometimes I felt worse than when I went in.

I started to see improvement within a couple treatments. I’m completely off pain meds and manage the herniated disc with adjustments from Dr. Maj and therapeutic massages from Mia. The staff is friendly and helpful and I would recommend Dr. Maj and Community Chiropractic to anyone who is experiencing pain in back, joints, or just wants to improve their overall health.

Dee M.

All I can say are positive things about Dr. Maj, her practice and the staff.

I’m not kidding when I say that this office is super friendly. Dr. Maj is waaay cool. Tori, Julie and Mia are kind and friendly.

I (in my 30’s) started my visits with Dr. Maj about 6-8 month ago. I had trouble standing and walking for more than 15-20 min. intervals. My quality of life had diminished some because of my back pain. I was sad. ๐Ÿ™

I did my research online beforehand and saw that Dr. Maj uses a Pro Adjuster technique (like an Activator on power) of which I heard great things about from a friend in the suburbs and so with this information, I made my first call to inquire more about her methods.

Dr. Maj doesn’t just put ya on a table and adjust you. Nooooo, you get the whole sha-bang (is that a word?). You get a physical exam, x-ray, foot scan and an education on Chiropractic as it pertains to you even before the first snap, crackle and pop. She does this so she knows what she’s working with and how to go about your treatments. I’ve been to a few Chiropractors in my time and can’t recall having them do so much for me upfront.

Fast forward to today………. I am soooo much better. I go for regular adjustments, sometimes calling the day of and being able to get in. I’m back to exercising regularly, I’m running (mostly power walking) a 5K in November and thinking about starting up Yoga. All things I didn’t think I could do without pain and discomfort.
I’m happy now ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks guys!

Sarah J.

I started seeing Dr. Maj when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my second. My baby was breech and I was determined to have a natural childbirth. After my first appointment, my daughter turned vertex. I was shocked and ecstatic. I continued to see Dr. Maj a few times a week to ensure that my daughter stayed head down and to help get things in order for labor.

I ended up having a super fast, totally unmedicated natural childbirth, just as I had hoped for. The more pleasantly surprising thing was that my recovery has been awesome. I can’t believe how great I feel so soon after having a baby. This was a much better recovery compared to my first daughter.
I highly recommend Dr. Maj!

Emily L.

Community Chiropractic is worlds above their peers. It is a pleasure to interact with their entire staff. And Dr Stephanie Maj is the Michael Jordan if Chiropractic. Unreal ability to find the source of discomfort and magically get your body to agree to the fix. She has moves!!

7.5 years after finding Dr Maj, I’ve tried cheating with Chiropractors closer to my home. They have nothing on her. I’m loyal, and feel like a million bucks when I walk out their door.
For realz.

Mike L.

My wife started going to see Dr.Maj at Community Chiropractic last year when she was pregnant with our second child because she was experiencing a lot of back pain. After a few weeks of treatment, my wife noted that getting adjustments from Dr. Maj was incredibly helpful given all the physical challenges of being pregnant while taking care of our 2 year old.

As a matter of fact, my wife encouraged me to also start treatment with Dr. Maj for the benefit of my long-term health and I have been seeing her as well.

Of course, there are many Chiropractors out there but my wife and I both feel that Dr. Maj and her staff offer an environment that is considerably helpful to our overall well-being, provides countless opportunities to learn about our bodies and the stresses daily life imposes on them, and is very friendly to our children who go with us to all of our appointments.

Cher H.

I have been going to Community Chiropractic for almost a year. I met Dr. Maj while she was helping out folks at the Night Ministry because she is that awesome! I had no idea how bad my neck and back were until I had an x-ray with Dr. Maj. It was a little overwhelming to see it in black & white (but it explained why I was having so many pain issues). It was tough at first because my body had a lot of work and healing to do, but I am happy to say I am doing a lot better now! It took time and a shift in my thinking to realize chiropractic is like having acupuncture, it takes time and isn’t fixed in one visit. I also want to mention the massage therapist, Mia, is amazing! Massage has had a huge impact on my body doing better in conjunction with the chiropractic adjustments. I have also witnessed Dr. Maj with kids and you can tell she knows what she’s doing. Also, it’s important to know helping/healing your body requires effort on your part (like stretching and exercise) and Community Chiropractic is great at suggesting specific stretches and exercises.

Tori W.

I went to Dr. Maj yesterday because my regular chiropractor was out of town. Wow…she is amazing!! I am a hair stylist and have neck and shoulder stiffness, tightness, and soreness every 3-4 weeks. I’m a once a month patient at the chiropractor. She adjusted me in ways I’ve never been adjusted. I felt instant relief after she did her thing. The atmosphere was welcoming, warm and cheery. I loved listening to the conversations going on while I was there. The staff is great and seems like they all love their jobs. Dr. Maj adjusted a little boy while I was there and the way she handled him was awesome. I have to say I will be back and can’t recommend this place enough. If your hurting and want relief do yourself a favor and make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Heather D.

At 34 weeks pregnant my midwife told me the baby was breech. Ugh. After lots of time spent upside down I decided to go see Dr. Maj as she was highly recommended by one of my midwives. During my first visit a lot of time was spent evaluating my body and giving me a brief anatomy lesson, this was followed up with an email later in the day giving me a more detail report of what she found looking over my photos and scans. Dr. Maj also told me about some sacral issues I had (I actually suffered a pretty intense injury to my sacrum a few years ago which I had forgotten to tell her about)
I felt pretty thoroughly examined and made my follow up appointment.

My first adjustment involved the Webster technique and was painless and I felt relief to some minor achy back pain I had been having. My second adjustment was a few days later and Dr. Maj informs me that she was pretty confident the baby had flipped. What?? After two visits? She opened up my pelvis and that baby just flipped on over. What a relief!! I can’t thank her enough. No C-section for me! Oh, and her staff? Awesome and friendly and entertained my children while I got adjusted.

I highly recommend Dr. Maj.

Alex Z.

I played football in high school, so whenever the season began to start up, I would always stop by to see Dr. Maj for a quick adjustment. My back and neck problems were relieved after a 30-minute visit and a lot of water afterwards. Friendly staff and Dr. Maj is so easy to get along with. She is definitely an experienced healer.

Rachel A.

I had been dizzy and almost passing out with some up and down blood pressure readings. Ended up in ER. When I reviewed my ER results and stress tests they were allmost all normal.

Again, dizzy and indigestion the past 2 days and I keep thinking something was not right in my head and side of my neck. Of course, I thought the worst knowing my parent both had heart disease.

I decided to call Dr. Maj, my chiropractor, who I had not been to in about a month, and she found extreemly tight/nerves muscles in m neck and spine that was causing the dizziness. Can you believe it, that simple!!
Crazy, after all the expensive hospital ER tests, No more dizziness. It may have been a touch of vertigo, which, after a good treatment often can take care of that issue. I am a big believer in Dr. Maj – she’s wonderful! The only downside is, they do not send forms to my insurance company, and at times she gets a little backed up and rushed.. but .give her a chance, you will most likely be glad you did….

Angela D.

I injured my left shoulder about 3 weeks ago giving my 40 pound daughter a ride on my shoulders. I am super busy and haven’t had time to seek help from Dr. Maj. In the past 3 days, I started developing tingling and numbness in my left arm which really scared me. I called Dr. Maj and she held her office open 30 minutes after closing time to fit me in today. She adjusted my neck and shoulder. I am home now, 4 hours later, with complete resolution of the numbness and tingling I’ve felt for the last 3 days. My shoulder is still sore but I know that will take more time. Dr. Maj is a life saver. I would also like to add that she treated my daughter for a severe cold syndrome with general adjustments. My daughter’s stuffy nose and generalized congestion improved dramatically after the adjustment. Chiropractic is a wonderful modality and Dr. Maj is an amazing practitioner.

Liz W.

i am almost speechless when it comes to this place. i feel like i found the missing link in my health care regime. i bike. i do yoga. i’m a massage therapist. i know my body, but there have been issues that have come up that i know can be fixed. when i walked into this place the feeling that “i don’t have to try and do it alone” came over me. everyone here is genuinely nice and i was able to feel connected quickly. my exam was thorough and asked more about the scope of my life and what my goals for my health care. the word wellness was mentioned which is almost unheard of in most chiropractors.

dr maj and staff are truly a blessing and i look forward to watching my body change and blossom into all that i know it can be.

i knew i didn’t have to live in pain; i’m just glad community chiropractic knew how to help. thank you!

kean o.

i have seen dr. maj for at least 8 years- i suffered from debilitating back pain before seeing her. I have since moved to Los Angeles and not found anybody as wonderful as her. Dr. Maj is a dear friend and an amazing chiropractor!

Mary D.

Dr. Maj helped to turn my breech baby and I am so grateful! She does a terrific job and I am so glad I went to her. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I am now a believer. She does not try to sell you any products or packages. She treats exactly what you need help with and does not try to get you coming back for all eternity. After my baby flipped (after about 8 almost consecutive visits) she said “ok we’re done!” I had a darling boy in an easy delivery and then brought him in for issues with torticolis a few months later. They are a kid friendly office, the staff is awesome. Rebecca and Julie twice watched my 2 year old daughter while I was getting adjusted. After the baby was born Dr. Maj even let me use her office to nurse him before our long car ride home. This is a great place with great people.

Chris B.

I’ve been going to Community Chiropractic for the last 9 months. I can’t recommend them enough. Prior to getting adjustments my back always bothered me. Since I’ve been going I’ve been able to walk pain free and enjoy life again. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Maj and their staff have been so great to me. They’ve got me to totally change my diet and I haven’t felt this healthy in 20 years. They always have different events/ themes in the office that makes it enjoyable to go for my visits. They offer so many additional services more than chiropractic. They truly care about their patients. Thanks for all that you’ve done for me. I can’t thank you enough !!!

Meredith H.

In the 35th week of my pregnancy, I was told by my midwife that my baby was in a transverse position (lying across my uterus from side to side, rather than head down). She recommended I see a chiropractor for the Webster technique in order to correct this. I was referred to Dr. Maj by my Bradley instructor and could not be happier that I met her. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Maj’s calm demeanor immediately put me at ease. She very thoroughly explained everything she was going to do during my adjustment and spent about half an hour with me beforehand, discussing the importance of proper alignment during pregnancy and birth. She is friendly and fun to talk to and, best of all, my baby turned head down after the very first adjustment! I have continued to see her for the remaining weeks of my pregnancy, as I feel so much better after the adjustments and I can tell that my uterine muscles are much more relaxed and ready for labor. I highly recommend Dr. Maj – she is great!

Bryan S.

Dr Maj is an amazing chiropractor! She listens to my needs and makes recommendations to help me to heal. I’ve learned over the years that chiropractic care is centered around my whole body wellness program. While I have sought her out when I have had trauma and symptoms, my most important decision was to keep up with my wellness care. It makes sense to be my best and invest in my health and Dr Maj is a big part of that for me.

Scout A.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Dr. Maj. She helped when no one else could. I have suffered for years with migraine headaches and after visiting other general chiropractors I received no relief. Dr. Maj’s detailed approach as well as her vast knowledge of many adjusting techniques, helped my body finally heal.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE THAT IS ONE SIZE FITS ALL! She spends time with you, talks, is curious and doesn’t give up until she has figured it out.

I have sent many others here for a variety of things and they are grateful. We all stay to stay well. Not that I am healthy, Dr. Maj’s adjustments are a part of my plan for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!!

Candido L.

First of all I would like to preface this review with the fact that I’ve been going to chiropractor off and on for the last 10 years or so with varying results and also that I don’t normally write reviews…ever.

A beautiful and wonderful friend of mine who just so happens to be the office manager at Community Chiropractic referred me to this office and Dr. Maj. After hearing my complaints about my work, the equipment I have to carry for 9 hrs, the constant sitting, and the pain I was feeling on the right side of my body after running the Dia De Los Muertos 5K she finally told me all about her office and Dr. Maj.

I was very skeptical. My last chiropractor made several errors on the billing end of my insurance and never told me until I wanted to make another appointment. Just as a note Dr. Maj’s office does not accept insurance but will give you a detailed bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. So skepticism aside I had to do something. I literally felt as if my body was shaped like the letter J and/or K.

Community Chiropractic is located on Belmont Ave and is easily accessible via public transportation if need be. I drove and was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of street parking available. I never had an issue parking near the front of the office the few times I’ve visited.

The office is comfortable and relaxing with an AWESOME painting that says BREATHE hidden in it. You have to take off your shoes when you come in which automatically makes you feel like you’re welcome and you’re home. The initial visit included a muscle scan to find all my trouble spots, which I already predicted with 100% accuracy, a foot scan, and an X-Ray of your body… more on the X-ray in a bit. The visit concluded with a photo of me standing to assess my posture and a great talk with Dr. Maj. I did not get adjusted on my first visit as the first visit for me was just a problem finding expedition.

After returning a couple days later I again met with Dr. Maj who showed me my X-rays. OMG! I can see for the first time exactly why I was feeling the way I was and know upon first glance that all my suspicions were correct. I was the letter ‘J’. Now that I had an understanding and a great explanation as to how my work and everyday live affects me we started mapping out a plan to get me back in straight and level. The first adjustment was interesting as she used a special machine that adjusts individual vertebrae. I walked out feeling good, level, pelvis straight but at night I really felt it as if I worked out hard…REALLY HARD…that morning. The adjustment was making my muscle respond and it was AMAZING! I came in again for another adjustment and didn’t feel as much discomfort afterward but knew and was aware of my adjustment.

My 3rd visit included a half hour massage by the office masseuse, Mia. She is 100% business! She is worth every penny and more. Her massages are firm, involved, and very therapeutic. This is not a relaxing massage with candles and perfume but literally a no frills, fix you, massage!

In the 10 years I’ve been going to chiros I can honestly say this is the first time ever I’ve met someone who gave me the results I’ve been expecting. Thank you Dr. Maj, Julie, and Mia for all you do. Thank you Tory for being who you are and for the recommendation. Don’t believe me or take my word for it. You need to just try Dr. Maj. you’ll love her, her office, and her staff as much as I do.

Kyle B.

I met Dr. Maj 15 tears ago just after I moved to Chicago. I’m one of her oldest patients and she continues to help me in new and unexpected ways. Whenever I think of moving away from Chicago, I worry that I’ll never find someone as good as her. She is my rock and keeps me standing straight!!

Brittnay S.

I had never been to a chiropractor before but while I was visiting my sister in Chicago she suggested that I go to Dr. Maj. I was really impressed with how friendly the staff was. I’m pretty young still and I never considered myself to have a bad back or anything so I wasn’t expecting any bad news, but unfortunately I found out I have scoliosis and really thin bones. Thankfully, Dr. Maj was great at explaining everything and very helpful with tips of things I could do at home to help and explaining what things to keep away from. Dr. Maj was great! I wish I lived in Chicago so I could go there all the time. Just from the few visits I had with her I noticed such a big difference! I highly recommend making an appointment with her if you have any back issues.

Dee S.

I have been experiencing lower back pain and a shooting pain around my hip bone for nearly 1.5 years. My general physician was not familiar with the pain around my hip bone. After a recommendation from someone else, I decided to seek Dr. Maj’s chiropractic services. When I explained my back and hip issue, Dr. Maj responded that it made complete sense to her, which was a relief. I cannot believe the difference after only 2 adjustments – I only wish I had sought out her services much sooner but thankful I finally did! I would highly recommend Dr. Maj and her practice.

Teresa M.

I have been to several Chiropractors an Stephanie is the BEST. Her ability to do major and minor adjustments is a rare find – the adjustments last much longer than any I have experienced……I can highly recommend her.

Dee K.

I have been going to Community Chiropractic for years, can’t even count anymore. I started because I had constant headachs(and they told me that wasn’t normal). Just today I was there for my normal weekly adjustment and was asked if I had any headachs . . .and I answered NO. I feel very comfortable with the whole staff, and the other patients. I hope I never move, they are hard to replace!

Stephanie D.

I came to Stephanie Maj after being referred by my doula during my last month of pregnancy. I had never been to a chiropractor so I was a little nervous, but I was excited about coming because my doula said Stephanie helped her so much with her last two pregnancies and she believes that chiropractic care during pregnancy helps for a faster labor! (I liked the sound of that!) I also was interested in seeing if a chiropractor could loosen up my extremely tight round ligaments that had been bothering me most of my pregnancy especially as baby kicks got harder. Any time the baby kicked my lower sides I would have a shooting pain in that spot- in any other areas, baby kicks are fun and not painful! Stephanie’s office and all the women who work there have been so kind and friendly and I have really enjoyed my experience so far. I have felt so much better since going to Community Chiropractic and would recommend it to anyone. They even had my fiance come in to learn tricks to loosen my round ligaments- obviously Stephanie really cares about her patients health and happiness!

Pina N.

I, along with my husband and two small children (ages 2 and 5), are thrilled with the care we have been receiving from Dr. Maj and Dr. Miller since we started seeing them six months ago.

Before we started chiropractic therapy, we were each plagued with chronic, painful illnesses, including sinus infections (me), ear/throat infections (kids), and back and knee pain (husband). Our immune systems were ineffective in fighting these illnesses, even basic colds, which exacerbated the problems. We were on an endless cycle of doctor visits and medicine consumption but I really felt defeated when my kids started to develop speech delays and other issues as a result of the constant ear infections. I took a step back and realized we were spending a lot of time and energy treating the symptoms rather than the root causes of the problems, not to mention lots of money on ineffective medicines and pain relievers.

Our good friend had been recommending Community Chiropractic for years, but being a natural skeptic, I did not believe that this type of treatment had any merit. I finally decided to give them a try and honestly, I have been kicking myself every day for not starting sooner! We, particularly my young kids, could have avoided all that pain and suffering, had I just listened to my friend. This winter season has been a complete change from prior seasons. My kids have not gotten sick at all – no runny noses, no colds, no throat or ear infections. I have not suffered from any sinus infections and my husband has been feeling much relief in his lower back and knees. We are amazed at the tremendous benefits after such a short time, and are in this for the long haul in order to restore our immune systems to their maximum potential and improve our overall well being!

Thanks again to Dr. Maj and Sr. Miller, and the entire team for improving our quality of life and health, and for embracing our family!

Judy H.

I’ve been going to Community Chiropractic for more than two years now. I went initially for pain relief and now I go just to maintain my health. I appreciate their no pressure approach to scheduling appointments. I like the pro adjuster method of chiropractic – it works well with no discomfort. I also enjoy the massage therapy available at the office. The entire staff is great!

Michael C.

Community Chiropractic is one of the most convenient chiropractors I’ve been to. Not only are the doctors and staff very friendly and caring, they also allow for me to come in when I can fit it into my schedule. The doctors also listen to me moan and complain about every ache and pain that I have, even when I know myself that I’m being dramatic, and they help me to fix the problem. I have experienced probably the best customer service from this place and I am going to keep going back as long as I’m in Chicago, maybe even when I’m not.

Ellen C.

Before getting adjustments I used to get lots of pain and weakness in my neck when I was stressed- since coming here my neck feels much better and doesn’t get pain- even though I’m in school! I also LOVE my orthotics, they have allowed me to walk around pain free- something that I have not been able to do for years! They are a very community oriented office and coming here you will not only receive care but learn about health and your body in the process.

Juliet H.

Wonderful, Caring, Wellness! That is how I would describe the docs at Community Chiropractic. If you are looking for the place to heal, go no further than this clinic. They took the time, listen, investigate and didn’t give up till I had my health back. So many other chiropractors just looked at me in a limited way, but these women have a holistic outlook and wanted me to get back to 100% function, not just cover up my symptoms. Call, you won’t regret it.

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