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On a daily basis, Dr. Steph Maj sees the impact of stress and chaotic thoughts on the body and spirit. Even she falls victim to the gerbil wheel in her own head. Don’t we all!

We each need to find our best way to collect our thoughts, slow the gerbil wheel and put our random thoughts, feelings and the lyrics to KC and The Sunshine Band’s That’s The Way (Uh Huh Uh Huh) I Like It to rest, in a productive and meaningful way.

I reached out to Dr. Steph to share her Putting Pen to Paper routine with you. For some, writing comes easy, and then there are the rest of us, right? The beauty of this idea is that you can just throw away (or burn) the paper when you are done. The whole idea is the act of writing: choosing the words, of forming the letters on the paper, doodling in the margins. You will not be reading this again or sharing it. Instead, this is like sweating while exercising. You don’t save your sweat, ew yuck.

Beyond writing for the purpose of a brain dump, you may want to save your writing if it is the storytelling itself that is your goal. As I mention in this episode, I do write letters to dead people and I highly recommend it. In coming episodes you will hear conversations with midlifers about telling their stories. Stay tuned.

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