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Medical Cleanses

Medically Supervised Cleansing Programs

 What is the detox?

In my office, I oversee a multitude of cleansing programs to free the body of these toxic substances. I use mostly the Metagenics programs and line of supplements to assist in detoxification. The detoxification programs designed by Metagenics help reduce the amount of toxins we ingest and assist the body’s natural processes for eliminating toxins already in your system.  These programs can focus on the liver, the intestine, metal detox, and even address pH balance in the body.

 Why detox?

Although our bodies are created to detox every day, we rarely ever give our body enough time to catch up and fully process and eliminate the amount of “junk” that is coming in hourly. When you don’t give your body a period of rest so it can catch up, it stores toxins in our fat cells. Year by year, decade by decade, the build up becomes more and more and our bodies become more toxic. This can result and contribute to many inflammatory and degenerative diseases such as, but not limited to: fibromyalgia, migraines, infertility, chronic fatigue, cancer, alzheimers, parkinsons, digestive disorders, and allergies.

What kind of “junk”?

From the moment we wake up in the morning, our bodies are immediately flooded with various environmental toxins:

-shampoo and body wash


-coffee, sugar & creamer


-dry cleaned clothes

-lawn pesticides

-produce pesticides

-low quality meat and poultry that’s been fed highly acidic corn and antibiotics


-cleaning products

-candles and fragrances


-and the list goes on… and on…. and on.

 From this, it’s easy to see how our bodies can get bombarded and overwhelmed with the influx of toxins.


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