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Fussy Baby

Your Baby is Fussy and Don’t Know Why?

This is the Best Time to Get Chiropractic Help for Infantile Reflux

Your little one can be in pain and there’s nothing you can do to prevent projectile vomiting and constant spit ups. Spitting up can get better as your baby gets older, but it can be really difficult to see your angel crying constantly. Infantile reflux or acid reflux in babies can be serious as it can serve as a choking hazard. Your infant’s body and digestive system is very delicate and harsh acids can damage your baby’s lungs and esophagus.

How You Can Know If Your Baby Has Acid Reflux

Infantile reflux could be present if your baby vomits small amounts of milk shortly after feeding. Normally a thin muscle band or valve closes after food enters your baby’s stomach, however, in some cases, this valve doesn’t close completely.  As a result, stomach contents are refluxed or thrown back into the esophagus and baby’s mouth, which sadly is very annoying and uncomfortable. Yes, your little one can have the same “burning feel” you have after vomiting and this is exactly why your baby is fussy.

Should You Take Your Baby to a Chiropractor?

The muscle band or valve in your baby’s tummy will gradually get stronger, but if your baby isn’t feeling well and has frequent spit ups, you can speak to an experienced pediatric chiropractor. You should contact a chiropractor if your baby:

  • Has frequent reflux
  • Vomits large amounts of breastfed and (infant) formula milk
  • Refuses frequent feeds but keeps on sucking a pacifier if you use one
  • Is very irritable or uncomfortable during or after feeding

You can actually maintain a diary of your baby’s reflux to take with you. Make a note of when and how your baby feeds and how often he/she is bringing up. Unfortunately, newborns are lying flat most of the time, which actually favors reflux. Also, your baby may simply drink too much liquid too fast which can make reflux more likely.

Chiropractic Care for Infantile Reflux

Many times, infants suffer from a slightly misaligned spine and neck. This can happen if your baby was delivered through vacuum, forceps or a C section and even natural vaginal birth can cause minor misalignment in babies. If your baby’s neck and spine are not perfectly aligned, it can affect the way he/she eats.

When it comes to your baby, our experienced pediatric chiropractors can remove minor misalignments allowing his/her body to get better naturally. Most babies feel a lot better after one adjustment session and you only need to bring them back for a follow-up.

Try Our Chiropractic Services Today

Our expert pediatric chiropractors at The Wellness Center have helped many newborns feel better without the risk of medication. If your baby is experiencing health concerns, let us know and we will gladly pass on the details of how our chiropractors can help. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Remember, your baby will feel comfortable when adjustments happen and like us, even you would smile during the session.

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